Friday, August 5, 2016

The Olga Hussars. A Battle Between Russian and Hungarian Hussars, 8(20) July 1849.

 Portrait of P. M. Rayevsky Cornet of the Life-Guard Hussar Regiment. Artist: Liphart Ernst Karlovich Location: Hermitage Museum Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas

Olga Hussars 8 July 1849 Hungarian Revolt

The Hungarian campaign opened in fact on 20 January (1 February) 1849, when two small columns-those of Major General Engelhardt (3 battalions, 2 sotnias, and 8 guns) and Colonel Skaryatin (4 battalions, 5 sotnias, and 8 guns)-crossed the Transylvanian border on Lüders' orders (he had previously received Nicholas I's approval).

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